(3 days remain): Get Out the Vote Tour

Yep, Sean Hannity came to Pensacola today. Actually, he’s going to a lot of places today. He’s doing a last minute campaign tour in swing states. The tour was held in Olive Baptist Church, the largest church of its county, which can hold about 4,000 people. The building did not get full, but there were lots of people there. Mom and I went (Dad did not go), and we arrived at about 10:00. We met a few people. There was a 29 year old lady there with two little girls and her mother. She has cerebral palsy, but she could seemingly communicate perfectly. Anyway, I led her in when the doors opened: Noon. We sat in the center row, 7th pew from the front, so we were really close. Don Parker held us over until the tour actually started. During that time, he, Congressmen Jeff Miller, Escambia County Sheriff Ron McNesby, and Florida Congressmen David Murzin spoke to encourage the vote. Luke McCoy, Chris Petty, Sean Hannity, and his group arrived at the church around 2:10, only 10 minutes late. Luke spoke for a short period, and made a pretty funny shot at Sean because he’s from New York. Anyway, Sean spoke first, which was pretty exciting. Anyway, everyone spoke. After that was over, I shook Congressmen Miller and Luke’s hands and spoke with them a little. Isn’t that great? As I was leaving, a girl in front of me turned around and asked if I went to PJC. I said yes and she sees me around. She introduced herself. That was pretty cool. I guess people do know I exist after all. I thought it was pretty sad. I have to go to another church to talk to people who like the President. Heh heh!