(6 days remain): Another eclipse

Yeah… another lunar eclipse right now this moment. That’s rather depressing, but let’s not talk about that here, right?
I guess I’ll go in chronological order. Thursday was full of stuff. Lauren (not the Miltonite) came to my house in the afternoon. Yeah, I thought she’d come because we talked about it. Nothing is ever set in stone anymore, so you never really know if a person is going to drop by your house or not. Umm… I don’t think Mom was home when she came. We talked a lot and I showed her Ivana. After she left, Robert came and got me. I got to see his new truck. I went there to hang out, but I also tried to fix a problem on one of his hard disks. I didn’t solve the problem, because I don’t think I had the resources. Maybe there’s an easier way, but I didn’t think of one off hand.
Friday night, Ivana died. Ivana, who was actually a female goose, had a birth defect. Her craw was crooked. I thought that she would grow out of it, but it killed her just before she reached adulthood. Mom found her dead in her pen Saturday, and she told me. I had the mom and dad bury her. I was very upset, and I didn’t wanna have to deal with the burial. Saturday… yep… Why do my friends have to be confrontational to me? As a friend, I’m pretty loyal. Friends don’t need to treat me as if I’m not a friend.
Sunday was extremely annoying. The Word was not preached in the morning as it should have been. Instead I got to listen to nothing by the Michael Peroutka talking points against the President. My preacher endorsed a candidate in the pulpit! Not only is that extremely wrong and not his calling (he is to preach the Bible in the pulpit), but it is also illegal. Preachers are not supposed to tell their audiences exactly who to vote for (and he did); otherwise, the church will lose its tax privileges and will no longer be considered a religious organization. I just don’t get it. Ya know, I’ve been very politically active since 9/11, but he has just suddenly (like this month) become all politically active. His “talking points” were largely factually incorrect; and even if they were correct, he did not cite any sources for me to check credibility. Peroutka claims that the Republican party is no longer the conservative party, and his party, the “Constitution” party, is. His campaign promises are filled with nice lies like, “If I am elected, there will be no more abortion in the US” and “…, the Department of Education will be gone” and “…, there will be a flat tax”. Again, full of frivolous promises. The President does not have ultimate power. He can only end abortion if a bill is sent from the Senate, and let’s be honest, that ain’t gonna happen. These same people who think the President has that power do not vote in the primaries nor for congressmen, so they’re morons :-). Even if the President signed such a bill, the supreme court still has the power to kill it, as with what happened with the partial birth abortion ban. Here’s my biggest issue against this guy: He is completely against the war on terror. He wants to bring home all of our poor dying soldiers. In other words, he wants to cut again run. He’s a sissy. Let it be known: IF YOU ARE COMPLETELY AGAINST THE WAR ON TERROR YOU ARE NOT A CONSERVATIVE! My gosh, most liberals think we should be doing something against terror. This Peroutka is a left-wing extremist and a right-wing extremist all at the same time. Anyway, if you didn’t know, Peroutka is running from Pensacola, and is on VERY few ballots. I’d bet only a few hundred people have even heard of the guy. But many foolish Independent Baptist and falling for this poltroon in the name of “separation”. Separation… oh boy, I could really go off on that. Separation is what led this country to this moral crisis in the first place. I’m gonna say it: Being an Independent Baptist I may say this: Most Independents are way out of touch, ignorant, ill-informed, too easily persuaded to believe lies, unknowledgeable, and arrogant. Most Independents do not know the difference between “separation” and “self-alienation”. Anyway… you’re probably wondering why I am Independent if I think these things. Well, its like this: I believe in the literal interpretation, but I gotta tell you, I think a lot of their applications are backward. One thing is for sure: America’s moral crisis will never be solved by elected politicians. It could be solved only by the American church, and not to seem pessimistic, but I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen. I’m sure that plenty of our church members are switching their votes to Peroutka now just because “preacher said.” They aren’t going to look at the facts, and they’ll never know how Peroutka feels about national defense. Peroutka is not qualified to lead our military. So, now that I’m in a Peroutka church… it feels funny. I’m like heathen now. *Rolls eyes* One more thing, with this tight Florida election, a vote for Peroutka is only going to help Kerry get elected. Too much is at stake to vote for a third-party fool. If you were going to vote for Kerry, vote for Kerry. If you were going to vote for the President, do so. Else, just stay home. If you are completely unwilling to compromise in choosing your leader, then you are unfit to participate in our political processes. Trust me, I do not support the President on all issues, but I firmly believe that the war on terror is the key issue of our generation. History will make its judgments on how we handle this election. Need I mention that Peroutka’s vice candidate is an Independent Baptist Pastor? Heh, apparently God can’t decide if he’s supposed to be a preacher or a politician…
Done with politics now? Okay, move on to more happy stuff. Ethan Joshua was born on Monday, October 25th in Sacred Heart Hospital at 1:35PM by Caesarian Section. He was born 8lbs 15.4ozs and 21″ long. He urinated before they took his weight, so the weight may be lower than his actual birth weight. He is much quieter than John Thomas was though. He gets cold a lot too. Sister is very happy because the pain was much lower this time, and she could actually walk a little Tuesday. As I did when John was born, I kissed the new mommy. Tuesday, I stayed with Sister after work, because she’s not allowed to be alone with Ethan in her room. I was Sister/Nephew-sitting. Today, I had Kim come with me during our normal lunch break. We went to visit Sister and Nephew. I got my cell phone back yesterday, but my service is not up yet. Check back here on Friday to see if its back online. That’s all I can think of at the moment. I could write a whole ‘nother page on stupid lunar eclipses, but I’ll spare you that. I don’t like lunar eclipses.