Hurricane Ivan

First of all, let me give you this Trillian Forum thread.
Power has been restored as of this morning to my road. I am on EREC, which uses some percentage of its power from Alabama Power; therefore, I don’t have to wait for Gulf Power to completely restore its systems before my power returns. But for now, let’s start from the beginning.
Wednesday, the 16th, prior to the storm, prior to any rain, apparently a surge came through my power and blew out the charging system in my cellular phone (Nokia 3585i). My cell phone works perfectly, but the charging is nonexistent. So, my battery resource became very limited. An hour before the rain began, a baby duckling came waddling into my back yard. A yellow duckling. Strangest thing, I don’t know where it came from. We called the game warden to figure out what to do. He told us that we could either let the bird go and fight the storm (most likely die), or we could feed it until the storm passes. Then he warned us that ducks tame very easily and that if it is fed, it probably won’t leave. Surprisingly enough, the duck allowed itself to be caught fairly easily. In fact, it jumped into the cage. Interesting how a backyard duck will allow itself to be caught, but a rabbit won’t… Something for me to think about. So, the storm began. The power went off and on a few times. Power officially went out around 10:30 here, I guess. Nannie had come over to ride out the storm with us. The cats were locked up in Nannie’s garage and the goats were locked up in their barn. We listened to a network of radio stations lead by WCOA. It was rather freaky. At about 1:30 Thursday morning, someone called into the network. He called himself “Charcoal”. He sounded young, in his twenties. He said that he was in Gulf Breeze, and he did not evacuate. He said that he was in a ten room house and there was only three rooms left. The host was speechless. He recommended he call 911, although they wouldn’t send anyone. I don’t know what happened to him… The network, led by WCOA, went out completely around 2:00. They had three or four stations in their network, but they had lost all of them. From there, I think we listened to WKRG Local CBS from Mobile. Basically all communication in Pensacola had stopped. Before, at around 1:00, I was using my PocketPC to just stay calm. I was at my desk, talking to CJ in one of his chat rooms (IRC: EFNet #M-a-t-h). And then, I had to stop. I heard a loud noise from the roof. And looking out the window, I thought I saw something fly by. We all rushed to the door, and dad used his spotlight. It looked like it could have been a piece of the ruff, and that’s what we assumed. I told CJ that I had to go because we thought we were losing our roof. From there, we did hourly scouts around the house, looking for leaks. And yes, there were quite a few. The first one we found was in front of the bathroom on the east side of the house. It was rather scary to look at. Dread… We put a bucket under. Afterward, we found one in the kitchen. The one in the kitchen spread to mom and dad’s room. We did what we could. Mom and I got large pieces of plastic and protected the two computers. Quietly, we sat in the living room… the radio was on, but I think we were listening to the storm. Then my ears popped. I jumped up instantly and stepped forward. Mom said that hers popped also. Yeah, there was a calm and a strange, deeper sounding wind. A tornado had passed nearby. Soon after, we also started to hear strange sounds coming from the window in the kitchen. Mom and I looked at it and saw a problem. The latch on the window had broke. Hurricane wind was rushing in. If you didn’t know, huricane wind in your home will cause your structural integrity to degrade significantly. It threatened our roof much more to have a hole. It felt like we were patching up a sinking submarine. I think I recommended we get a metal bar and close it shut. Dad and I went to the garage and got the drill. We got an L but we were worried. We feared that if we drilled, we might hit glass and shatter the window. Blindly we drilled, but the glass did not break. Problem solved. We had been using my PocketPC to look at weather maps, seeing when the harder bands would hit, and where the eye was. Fortunately, I had stored up solar energy, and I used it to charge my PocketPC three times. When it ran out, I used my computer’s battery backup to charge it. I think I may have slept for 45 minutes that night. I woke when the sun had risen. That day after the storm hit, phones did go out here. They remained out until the next day. I posted “I’m alive” stuff on the Trillian Forums then. Damage was not too bad here. We did not lose our roof. What we saw out the window was actually siding. We lost about 3 large pieces. We lost about three fifths of our shingles. In dad’s office, I had noticed that night that I heard leaking, but I didn’t see anything. Today, we finally noticed that water had rushed in to that room. Dad’s computer was protected by the plastic. Our yard had little damage. We almost lost our pool, but it lived. In Nannie’s yard, there were about 6 pines trees which were knocked down, damaging her fence. The cats, although very spooked, were okay. The goats were also okay. All structures are still standing. Nannie didn’t lose any shingles. Cell phone services were limited to text messaging only for a long time. I was able to call Robert to see if he was okay, but he was the last person I was able to call. I text messaged a lot of you, to see if everyone was safe. My duck is growing fast! It already has tail feathers and just today some wing feathers came in. Looks like the duck is a black-feathered girl. It won’t be long until she can quack! She is very attached to me. She gets excited and shakes her booty every time she sees me! She’s pretty cool! I have some pictures of the duck, Ivana, in my gallery (actually, they’ve been there). I’ll post more soon to let you see how she’s grown. Clean up has been hard, but it is coming along quickly. Elizabeth, Jeremy and John came over yesterday. John got to ride on the tracker (tak ter) with my dad (Pop!). Then he got to see my duck (bak! bak!). After we had gone inside, I was sitting, and John walked up to me and grabbed my finger and said, “bueez bak bak”. So I let him see the duck again. We also saw David and Stephanie at Winn Dixie. That place is trashed. The area looks pretty bad, but it will get better. I called Simple Freedom today. They are sending a UPS box to send my phone for repair/replace. I’m glad my limited warranty is covering it, but I think my location has given me some sympathy from them. I’ll let you know when my phone is back up. Until then, don’t call or text it, because I won’t receive it. Look here to know if my phone is back. PJC is closed… No job or classes until further notice. MySchedule is very uncertain…
I am very angry with a certain person who hasn’t spoken to me in… 3 WEEKS! That’s okay, I guess there’s always the backyard duck… Not what I want though.