(81 days remain): Highs and Lows

Well, bad things happened yesterday. Really bad things.
Dr. Horn, my program director, called me that afternoon. My Java Programming class was canceled. For whatever reason, they waited until the Add/Drop deadline to tell me! I’ve lost my full time student status and I’ve lost my scholarship. Dr. Horn said that my only option is to take the Java Programming course offered on Wednesday night. Only he can make that transfer since Add/Drop is over. I’m at the mercy of PJC. I have to take a night course, and it is going to really be a pain! I don’t know what to do on Wednesdays. I don’t know if I should go home and come back, or just stay at PJC for 14 hours. The good news is that the other week days will be really short, especially Tuesdays and Thursdays. Maybe it wouldn’t be that bad. I just find it very unfair to cancel a class after the Add/Drop. I could have taken Classical Mythology at 9AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday, if I had been informed sooner. My new fall schedule can be viewed here.
Only two people said they’d come to my get together today. One person said that no one told him. The king of all things last minute told me that it was too last minute. Kenny says he’s lying, because he told him. Another person, who on Tuesday said would come, said wanted to hang out with someone else. This someone else was also invited, but didn’t come either for whatever reason. I told only those two people that said they’d come that I had canceled. Everyone else I invited was not told I had canceled, but none of them showed up anyway, just proving what I’d thought. Didn’t make me feel real good, but that’s what I have to expect from people and “friends”. It’s okay though. It doesn’t really matter.
The trick is trying to stay happy. I want to be happy. It is hard when you’re lonely for a female companion, and when it seems you have so few real friends. I’ll make it; I always do.