(85 days remain): The 33rd week of this year of my Lord

Well, I must say this week has been quite exciting! Praise be to God! There’s a happiness radiating in me that I haven’t had in a long time. God’s always been there, but I just feel so much closer to him.
Well, it is revival week, imagine that. So far, it has just been awesome! There have been tears all around. I get teary eyed, but I can’t cry. I can only cry when I am angry and sad, not when I’m just sad. Oddly enough, I never cry when I’m just sad. When I’m sad, I just mop around. When I’m very happy, I cry. I haven’t felt this happy in years. I’m not sure how many years, but still… There are things I could be doing that I haven’t been, and I need to see about getting them done. I’ll do what I can as obediently as I know how. God help me…
Tomorrow is the big rally! I’m gonna be there with my bud Kenny! I think it is gonna be good for me! Today was a great day too. Work wasn’t all too fun, but after work made me stop thinking about that. I had a late lunch with Heather! It was great! I got to talk to her about all this stuff that’s going on… although I didn’t do a good enough job telling her how happy I am, but I think she can see it. Poor girl. She’s known me and been my bud since she started high school, and she’s seen me change this whole time. She must be so glad to see me happy. Anyway, we had a bite at Whataburger. After sitting around for a while, she drug me into Walmart with her! Blah… I hate Walmart. Nah, she didn’t make me, but she asked me to, which isn’t fair. What was I supposed to say: no? Nah, couldn’t do that. I’m so glad she’s going to UWF. Well, I think it’s time to cut my hair. Heather called it a mullet! I AM NOT MULLET! I AM MALLET!! Anyway, she doesn’t like it. Maybe eight months time has been long enough. It is time to cut my hair. I don’t think anybody really liked me that way anyway. Hair grows. If it is a mistake to cut it, then it can grow back some other time.
I’ll probably have a bunch of people over Thursday! I want some company!