(88 days remain): Mr. President

Well I had an interesting day. I woke up at 5:30 (on my off day), and I went down and picked up Kenny. We went down to Historic Milton to the Republican office to see if we could get tickets to the Pensacola Civic Center for Tuesday. President George W. Bush is coming to Pensacola, of all places. We arrived at the office at 6:45, and we were the first people there. Lucky us; WCOA already had a line by then. The next person to show up was a reporter from a newspaper from Okaloosa county. She asked Kenny and I questions about why we were there. About ten minutes after that, a family showed up behind us. The crowd just developed behind me; thank God. Got to know that family well. Talked politics, a lot. A few cars drove by screaming, “Vote Bush!” That was crazy. At about 8:30, some woman just kinda stood by the door. Kenny, the family, and I were thinking, “who does she think she is?” By that time, hundreds of people had already showed up, and she just jumped up front. The tickets were very late getting there. At 9:30, they called us in to put us on a reserved list. The family behind us told that woman that she better hurry up and get in line. It was funny, because she had to go to the end. They told us to come back after noon to pick up the tickets. Kenny and I walked down Hwy 90 to Hardees. It wasn’t that long of a walk. Regina was there when we got there! She was just picking up though. I met Mary Johnson, the current Clerk of Courts, there too. We walked back after we ate and checked for the tickets, but they weren’t there yet. Kenny and I drove to Robert and Regina’s house. We got there around 10:10 or so. Robert was still asleep. It was funny to bother him. After a while, mom called and said that WCOA had started giving out tickets, so Kenny and I headed back. It was about 1:00 or so that I got my tickets. I dropped Kenny back home because I had to run home. A DirecTV guy was waiting for me because he was early. At about 4:30, I called into Pensacola Speaks. I talked to Luck McCoy and Congressman Jeff Miller about the tickets. I asked about security and searches. Then I made a comment about more concern was needed from people of my age group. I think I surprised my parents, who were heading home and listening to the radio.