You know, the weather has been really nice to use here this summer. I haven’t seen any of the temperatures here in the triple digits this year, though the heat indices have been. But its also been very hazy. I don’t know if any of you have notice (and you may wanna strip search yourself), but the ticks have been horrible this summer! Worse than usual. If you’ve never seen a tick, they are arachnids, like spiders and scorpions. They have eight legs. They look like this. Locally, they are either brownish red or grayish. Well, they are bad this year. I’ve had two on my that I’ve seen, but I haven’t been bitten. If there are any numb places on your body, you better check. If you have one on you, do not pull it off! If you squeeze its body, it could pump parasites into your body. It greatly increases your chances of getting lime disease. Check your pets too! They are vulnerable to heat; more specifically, rapidly changing temperatures. If they’re exposed to nearby fire, they’ll let go. If they’re around it too long, they die. I killed my first one by sending it down the sink. I killed the other by throwing it into a candle. Now it is petrified in wax!
Summer D is now over! I am so glad that I survived. I enjoyed my speech class at times. I got to know Jessica a lot better, and that is a big plus. Maybe she’ll contact me like I told her she could. Speech had too much writing though, with no word credit! Psychology was just frustrating. Too many of my classmates annoyed me with their constant complaining. Somehow everyone’s grades became public too, so everyone was envious because I was doing well most of the time. Anyway, I took my finals yesterday. I got my grades today. I made it. I kept my 4.0. I am not happy though. I am so tired. My work schedule is 7:30 to 12:30 until fall starts on the 23rd. Check the schedule. I’ve gotten all but one of my books for fall. I’m waiting for it.
All done! Bye bye!