(94 days remain): Little girls

So, today a lot of people came over, a bunch of ninth graders. They were outside all day today though. But another family came over. The mommy was Denise, and she has four little girls. The second youngest was two. She was scared of me at first; but by the end, she was having me hold her hand and play pretend stuff with her. That was Terra. I also watched the littlest. She is 5 weeks old. I had to hold her and put her to sleep while her mommy was outside with the other three girls and John in the pool. Apparently, I impressed Denise. Earlier when the least was in the crib, she started crying, and I naturally jumped up. She said something to mom or Sister about that men my age don’t usually jump at a baby’s cries. It was just weird. John doesn’t cry that way anymore. I don’t know about Denise. She just had some natural glow about her. She was raised in South Africa. That’s neat. I got hugs from the three oldest girls when they left. And they said, “Thank you Mr. Daniel.” They were cute. Tonight, John kissed me on the cheek. That’s okay. I just don’t like to be kissed on my lips at all!
I bought my text books today. I bought them online as I usually do. I bought three books for about $140. I’ll have them in less than two weeks. That’s plenty of time to fix any problem by time Fall term starts.
No new info on the situations!