(95 days remain): Accomplishment!

Jenn, my speech instructor, gave me back my grades (by my request). My informative speech, Dealing with Malware and Spyware (Delivered on July 21st), wasn’t all that great. My script got a perfect 10, but my presentation wasn’t as good. I was not myself that day, and I was nervous for some reason. Anyway, I got a 8.5 on that presentation. Now, the persuasive speech and debate which I did Wednesday, Management of Rural Development (Delivered on July 28), was awesome! I knew after I finished that I’d done well, but I knew later. Jenn came to my office to talk to Lori about SPD stuff, and she just happened to say, “You did a great job today!” My script grade was 9.5 (I left out some things), and my presentation/debate was a perfect 10. She said that I got good feedback but I stayed in control of the debate. Jenn had me email her the script’s file because she wanted to use it as a “good example”. So, it looks like I will be keeping my 4.0 for another term. Wahoo!
I managed to watch Senator Kerry’s entire speech last night. Sure, why not? What harm could be done? Here’s a loop hole. 47% of all the taxes collected by our federal government are paid by the richest 2% of citizens. These 2% also are the people who create the most jobs. You tax them anymore along with new big business restrictions, and these 2% are not going to see the incentive of creating jobs. You tax the rich anymore and the middle class and lowest class will suffer the most. Simple Economics. If you want to create jobs, you keep the government out as much as possible. My MacroEcon instructor told us that, and she is a moderate! If government took half of my pay check, I’d say their communist!
I changed my cell phone’s faceplate. It was a navy blue color. Now it is a titanium silver color. It matches my PocketPC. I think it looks much better now. “Larla” has the same phone, and hers is a metallic lime green color. I’m not going to say what she calls it, because I find it derogatory.
Welp, I’m happy! If you’re trying to get anything out of me, now would be the time to try!