(98 days remain): The Seventh Month

Hello people. Well, it looks like July is almost over. This last summer term is also almost over. I have completely hated this month. This course term has ended up being my hardest. At first, I though that Psychology would take away my 4.0. I didn’t do well on my first tests, but I have since pulled up. I am going to make an A in Psychology. Tomorrow I have my last speech in Basic Speaking and Listening Skills. I have absolutely no idea what my grade is in that class. She hasn’t even given us any grades except one. The students had nothing to go on whenever the withdrawal date came, because there were no grades. It is a toss up. I hope that I make an A in that class, but based on my sorry presentations, I’d say I’m not going to. It is not that I’m a bad speaker, just an inexperienced speaker. Sure, I can communicate with people, but that’s not the same as public speaking. Maybe I’ll pull it off; I’ve done it before.
Speaking of pulling it off: I received a letter from financial aid today. I received my last academic scholarship from PJC. I am receiving $750 for fall and another $750 for spring. I need to stop by financial aid to activate it.
My 19th birthday was this month. It was disappointing. Most everybody was out of town or busy with other things. One person actually made me quite angry on my birthday, but I’m sure that person doesn’t realize why. Then again, other people that really do care about me did make me feel good when they wished me happy birthday and what not. Katie was my only friend that sent a card (or anything for that matter), which was a surprise and kind of ironic.
Work and school have both been pretty challenging this month. I’ve been having to fill the shoes of people at work who have been “vacationing”, so I’ve been having to work longer days. Somehow I took off some time to make up for the fact that I can’t work more than 40 hours every two weeks (although I think I may have ended up working longer). Psychology tests are quite difficult and very frequent. Keeping up with the work in that class has been difficult, but I finally did get on top of it. In the past week, I’ve written about 4,000 words in my Basic Speaking and Listening Skills course (NOT a writing emphasis course mind you), and I’ve just been very exhausted. I am sure some of you have been wanting to get a hold of me and talk to me, but I’ve just been too busy. I’ve told some of you that “we’ll play together just as soon as I finish this course work”, and I mean it! I miss you people! I’ve just gotta do what I gotta do. No time to think of all the consequences, you got it?
Hey! I saw Yulonda today! She was my fellow student assistant back before December. Apparently she’s working in Human Resources now. I saw her, and she barely recognized me. Again, I keep forgetting that I’ve altered my appearance since last year. I hugged her; I later wondered if that was appropriate, but I just thought “forget it”. She asked me if I was seeing anyone yet. I just told her “nah”. And she said that was probably a good thing. Other than that it was just a fast thing. We both had to be busy. Welp, I wasn’t expecting to see her again. Guess you never know what past people will pop back in for a visit in your life, eh?
Time for old business? Well, I received feedback from… one person concerning the Active Worlds idea. Wow, you guys are real reliable. Oh well, that idea’s off.
I readded my Friends page. Some of you wondering why it was removed in the first place? Okay, here’s the story. Certain of you, no need to name names, were complaining that you didn’t want certain contact information and what not posted on my website, and you got a bit upset with me. So I just removed that page and said I’d redo it. Naturally, I had not gotten around to it until recently. I sent email to all my address book contacts requesting information. Obviously I know the information already, but THIS IS INFORMATION YOU’VE GIVEN ME PERMISSION TO POST! If you sent nothing to me, I post nothing about you. Furthermore, I’ve barely spent any time updating other than whatever is quick. You may have noticed that you can’t ever get through on my main number. It keeps giving busy signals. My Psychology study material is online, and I spend my time studying. That’s just how it is. I don’t have time to fill it in for you. I just do a quick copy, paste, and grammar check. I’ve already had a (unsurprising) complaint about not being on my Friends page. Of course this person sent me no information, so… I didn’t have any written permission to post the info nor the time to fill it in for this person. No games. Its simple. Send your info to me! Everyone has an equal shot at getting on my Friends page. If I don’t fill it in for you, it doesn’t mean you’re not my friend, but at the moment I don’t think anyone deserves “special privileges” from me. “Special privileges” can be obtained, but you certainly have to do something to get them. Okay… send your info if you wanna be on it! Otherwise, don’t make me cry by claiming I’m not your friend! And yeah! It does make me VERY upset!
I can’t wait for this semester to be over! Maybe then I’ll be able to concentrate more on people.