Is it time to update yet?

I guess its time for me to update. Well, I just finished up Summer A term. I took Macroeconomics and Ethics. I got A’s in both. I now have 34 college credits, all A’s. I am officially a College Sophomore. Aren’t you all proud?! I am taking two more classes now: Generally Psychology and Basic Speaking and Listening Skills. I’m not liking this schedule that much. I guess I’m just not settled yet. I don’t understand how Psychology applies to my degree, but it is required. My Psych instructor is an Existentialist. I find that interesting. My Speech teacher is Sweetish, and she has a bit of an accent. This is the land of opportunity. Only in America could a Swede come and be a speech instructor at and College English Department. Nah, it doesn’t bother me. Only when it gets difficult to understand her does it begin to bother me. Foreigners have ever right to pursue their dreams.
Speaking of pursuing one’s dreams, I found out that the UWF accreditation problem isn’t a problem. I’d thought I’d heard that they would be accredited for 2006 programs, but that’s not true. I’d be starting in 2005 programs. They are accredited for those graduating in 2006 and over. So, they are accredited for me since I think I’ll graduate in 2007. So, now I just have to decide where I want to go to college. I need to really start thinking about that in the Fall term.
I am hosting some web content for Chandra. She kinda asked me about it, so I let her. That’s fine with me. I have plenty of space. Its good to do her a favor anyway.
I rejoined Active Worlds. That place is just fun, and I do have the money anyway. If I stop liking it, I can cancel any time. So… I was wondering. How would you like it if I were to get a 3D Homepage? Don’t know what that is? Well, I’ll briefly explain it, but you can read about it here. Basically, I would have 19,600 sq. meters (40,000 sq. meters) to build my own little private world. In it, I could build my own buildings or hang-outs, or whatever. Photos and hyperlinks would be located in the world. Basically it would be a 3D website. It allows for 8 simultaneous users (or 12) and visitors (you) would be about to browse and interact with other visitors (it is also a chat room). Here’s the but. You would have to download the Active Worlds software. You’d also have to visit. I’m not going to pay for a service if no one comes. No one ever came to my chat room, and you didn’t even have to have software for that (although you could). The aXpi network is down, so I don’t have an IRC anymore. I could easily get a new one, but I see little demand. I suggest that you download the software, try it out, and let me know if you’re interested. If there’s no demand, I’m not going for it. If you do come, you can find me as the citizen bigmalletman. The service is free or pay. Citizenship costs, but you can also come as a Tourist. The chat aspect is similar to IRC. Tourists can chose any name, but their name is incased in quotation marks. Check it out and send some feedback.
I’m sure I have more to say, but I can’t remember.