Saturday Blues

Say whatever you will about him, but Reagan’s death is quite disappointing to me. I have quite a few things to say, but I don’t want to make this long.
So, I received my “award” for President’s List again. I wish it were as exciting as it used to be. I still have A’s in my summer classes.
Let’s see, there are quite a few people getting married around here. Laura and Marcus got married. The question has been brought to me on if it is right or not. Well, I’m going in loops. There are only three things I’m sure about: They are my friends, I wish them the best of luck, and anything else is none of my business. They did not have a ceremony, and I wouldn’t have attended anyway. I don’t go to weddings. Another friend of mine was saying something about her desire to get married. I kinda said that, about how I don’t go to weddings. She called me on it; asked me if I was going to go to hers. I asked her if she had a date planned, and she said no. I said that she shouldn’t think about it then. But yeah, I don’t go to weddings. And uh… two other couples got married too. Isn’t that just special…
I’m gonna be honest… you people are all bums. You see, I work normal business hours. Key word being “normal”. So, I work mornings and afternoon. You people all work nights and weekends. And I just want you all to know you’re a bunch of bums. That’s life I suppose.
The rabbit left. Maybe it was because of all the rain, but the rabbit is gone. I don’t think she’s going to come back this time. I mean… there are plenty of squires and birds, but… the rabbit was so much better. I’m sad about that.
Heather fixed her blog. Good for her. She didn’t need my help.