Well, it looks like June is just about here. It feels like December has just gone by, and its already midterm for Summer A term. Classes are going well still. I have A’s in both classes. I wonder how far this is going to go, keeping my 4.0 that is. I admit that I am running out of self motivation. On that note, what to do after college. Nova sent me stuff. I guess ΦΘΚ sent them some background information on me. It looks like they would take me. I found out something else. UWF’s Computer Science degrees are not accredited. How pitiful is that!? Well, I don’t know that going anywhere away from here would be a good idea. As I said, I am just about out of self motivation.
There’s this rabbit that lives in my back yard. [Click here to view] I think she’s a girl. Anyway, she’s been living in my back yard since about February. At first, I just kinda watched her from the porch. Then I started to get closer to her. Interestingly enough, she doesn’t run away. She lets me get just close enough, but then if I try to get too close, she runs away. But she doesn’t just run and not come back. Nope. She runs away for a little while and then comes back. I don’t understand her. She wants to be here, but then she runs away. I’ve chased her and chased her, but she just keeps running and coming back. I’d like to just conclude that she doesn’t want to be caught, but if that were so, she wouldn’t come back to me. A few weeks ago, I tried to catch her and she ran away. I didn’t think she’d come back, but now she’s back again. So again, I am going to try to get her. I hope she doesn’t run away again. If she does, I think I’ll just let her go. There’s no sense in trying to catch a rabbit that won’t allow itself to get caught. Maybe this time I’ll be able to get her.