Rapping up spring term.

Umm… yeah. We are now on month number four of this dreaded year 2004. I have completed two of my four final exams. I only have my Programming Concepts I exam and my Biological Principles for Non-Majors exam. I am not looking forward to Biology. I do not think I am going to make an A in that class. What can I say, I hate Biology. That’s kinda one of the reasons why I’m in Computer Science! But Florida rules… everyone in an Associates of Arts degree program has to take a Life Science. The other day, I had a talk with Dr. Horn, my Programming Concepts professor and degree program director. We said that the University of West Florida changed their degree program. My Associates degree doesn’t transfer all too well to UWF anymore. More specifically, they don’t want me to have taken Elementary Statistics, and they will not accept my Biology course. That means that if I go to UWF for my Batchelor’s degree, I will have to take a higher Biology! I hate Biology! I will also have to take Physics II with Calculus with the lab.
There is no longer anything left for me here. That’s why I’m really considering not going to UWF in fall 2005. I mean, I don’t really have any friends here. I need to run away from this area. I need to learn to be on my own, and I need to plan a new life for myself. I figure if I go somewhere distant for college, I won’t be as depressed and not think about all the crap I’ve gone through here. I wanted to go off to college originally, but I didn’t. I stayed in this area after I graduated from high school, and it was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made. The only advantage to going to a two year college is that you get more scholarships if you do really well. It actually makes graduating take a lot more time. I mean, a four year degree is 120 credits. I will have 63 credits when I graduate from PJC, but most of those credits will not go to my four year degree. So, it will add another year or so to my schooling. Not to mention the fact that I’d like to have a Master’s degree (at least). I’ve really been looking here. They have a really good Computer Science program, and I’d get plenty of scholarship money, as long as I don’t bomb it at PJC (which won’t happen). With Bright Futures along with pretty large ΦΘΚ scholarship, I can basically go to school there with almost no cost to me. I’d be able to study without the tortures of my own stray thoughts that I get here. I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t leave. Plans are unready tentatively on their way. I’ve already sent them information about myself, and they will send me more information about their university soon.
Summer A term will be here next Monday. I am going to take 6cc, which is two classes: Economics I and Ethics. I will work around my school schedule, and I will only work and attend class on Mondays thru Thursdays: Go look. I did receive a PJC academic scholarship. I only wish that it had been a little more, since bright futures does not pay for summer terms. It is $400, which is enough to pay for Summer A tuition, but I’ll have to buy my own books. I’ll have to pay a bit more when I got to Summer D term. I am going to take 4cc in Summer D, which is still two classes: General Psychology and Basic Speaking and Listening Skills.
I don’t have a whole lot to say, maybe I’ll write more later, but maybe not.