Two months down.

Hmm… Well, I didn’t mean for this to be a monthly update, but I guess that’s what happened this go ’round.
I was formally inducted into ΦΘΚ (Phi Theta Kappa), on the 21st, and I went to my first meeting that Monday. I volunteered my help at a yard sale for today. I did that this morning. I do not like to wake up before dawn on a Saturday, but it wasn’t so bad. When I got there, only Sharon and Jessica were there. It was really cold in the morning, because it was windy. Jessica could get the masking tape to come out right, so I helped her with that; although, I didn’t do too much better. It was ripping sporadically. Jessica is a really nice girl. I recognized her before, but I found out who she was at the induction. She’s my high school biology teacher’s daughter. Her dad is also the head coach of the football team, I do believe. She graduated when I was a Junior (class of 2002). I don’t remember if I saw her at high school or not, but since she was familiar, I’m sure I’d come across her before. She’s the vice president of our charter. It seems like ΦΘΚ has a few regulars (people that carry the load and do everything), because I seem to see the same people every time I do something with them. I see Jessica, Jennifer, and Jeremy around a lot. My new friend (I guess we’re friends), David (not Brother) from my biology class is in the same societies that I’m in, but he doesn’t seem too active right now. I’ve had a few classes with Jennifer, but I don’t know a lot about her. I met Jeremy at the induction for the first time. The president didn’t come to the yard sale while I was there. Jessica’s boyfriend was there too, but I don’t know if he is in ΦΘΚ or not.
I’ve paid all my dues and what not for ΑΒΓ, but induction hasn’t even been scheduled yet. It will probably be sometime next month that I hear anything about that. ΑΒΓ doesn’t do anything during the summer terms, so it looks like ΦΘΚ will be my main focus as of now. ΦΘΚ seems to be a lot more busy and larger anyway. I volunteered to go to Panama City with ΦΘΚ this coming Wednesday, but Jeff (the head advisor) doesn’t know if we’re going yet or not. I’ll probably here something about that in the meeting Monday. I don’t really want to go, but I will.
I am in so much deep thought right now. I am mad at so many people, and stuff has been happening… I want to go sing! I used to love to sing with Kim, because we both read music. Now its just a drag. I sing so much better than I did back then, but now I don’t have a girl to sing with. I don’t want to sing for anyone… I just want to sing. It makes me feel free. Free from all life’s decisions and hassles. Caddy, I guess for you its dancing. When you get all stress you want to dance. Well, I want to sing. Every time I need to talk to someone, you’re busy. Sometimes I’ll talk to Kim, but I’m not that open with her about personal things. Lots of things going on right now. I just don’t know what to do… Life has no rehearsal…
Well, Spring Break is going to be a drag. Florida College Spring Breaks used to be synchronized, but not anymore. No fun. Kenny and I will probably get together, at least.
Nephew turned 1 Wednesday… Its been a year since then. Wow. I went to his birthday “party” today at Sister’s house. Stephanie told me something that kinda made me feel loved, but I won’t go into detail.
Everyone says that I’m really quiet today. I’ll probably be quiet for a good week. Anyway, when I got home from the party, I feel asleep. I didn’t really sleep at all last night, and then I had to get up early for the yard sale. I am also sunburned a little. I think it will be gone soon though. Skin is still in winter mode, I guess. Oh goodness, I hope no one at the yard sale thought I was rude… I was so quiet… There is so much on my mind right now. How can you tell what is right and wrong? I mean, often: Something that feels so right is wrong. Sometimes something that makes you feel bad is right. Life is so hard sometimes.
Shooting down ALL RUMORS! I am not going out with anyone! I don’t know how rumors got started, although I think I know who started them. But Daniel is very much single. Believe me, I’d know if I weren’t alone, and I am quite alone. Perhaps that will change soon. But, its hard to remember what love is. I’d come to the conclusion that it didn’t exist for me.
Well, it is now Sunday. I guess now is a good a time as any to try to sleep. My apologies to anyone who may have tried to get a hold of me while I was asleep this afternoon. I was so tired. It is fifth Sunday. I will get home around 3:30.