One month down.

Well, it looks like January is over. Yesterday was a normal “family” day. Sister, Jeremy, and John came over. Sister’s friend (who has an odd problem with even having her first name on the Internet) also came over to eat with us. She and I bicker a lot, but I don’t think it means anything. I didn’t really pay any attention to what Sister and her were doing while they were here until after we all ate dinner.
I went to the ΦΘΚ (Phi Theta Kappa) orientation yesterday morning. Whoops… it looks like that was on of the entries that got deleted. Well, anyway, about a week ago, I was invited to join them. I went to the orientation to decide it I wanted to or not. I think that I probably will. All I have to do now is pay my membership dues, which its most of the battle. Money has been pretty tight this past month. Yesterday, I received two letters in the mail. One of them was my President’s List letter. Yeah, I’m on the President’s List, which means that I have a 4.0 GPA. Its like the Dean’s List, but its a perfect score instead of a 3.5. Call me a pessimist, but I don’t think I’ll be able to maintain a 4.0 for very long. I mean, just one B and I’m out. The other letter is one that has me perplexed. It was an invite to join ΑΒΓ (Alpha Beta Gamma), which is a completely different thing. ΦΘΚ is an honor group. ΑΒΓ is a group specifically for Business-type majors (Computer Science is a business-type study). I could join both, if I want, but I have to of course pay dues for that. Oh, by the way, here are my GPA requirements. To keep my Bright Futures I have to maintain a 2.5. To qualify to receive the PJC academic scholarship I have to maintain a 3.0. To maintain a ΑΒΓ membership I have to maintain a 3.0. And, to maintain a ΦΘΚ membership I have to maintain a 3.2. I should be able to maintain a 3.2 without too much trouble. Okay, I’m off to church. Bye bye.