Entries Lost… RIP

Sigh… I lost two entries… Let the record show that there were two entries between these dates… One of them was on the 15th. I think the other was on the 20th. If anyone has been to my and seen them, do this: Turn your web browser to Work Offline, or open your browser without being connect to the Internet. Then go to http://members.dslextreme.com/users/malletman/home.htm. If you still have the two entries on your computer, right click on the page and select View Source. Save the file to your desktop and email me the file. This will get my entries back. I don’t think I’ll get them back though. Darn. I’ll be more careful in the future. I don’t know why dslextreme.com reverted back. I guess they were in maintenance.
Kenneth wants to schedule an IRC chat. It’s about time. So that is up at the top. Please come!
It just came to me… if you are reading this entry, then you’ve already lost the old entries in Work Offline… duh!