What I’ve been doing.

Hello all. I thought I’d fill in with what I’ve been doing. Saturday night was bad. My stitches in the roof of my mouth were driving me insane, and I didn’t go to sleep until 5:00AM Sunday. I didn’t go to church Sunday, and Sunday was pretty much a drag. Sunday, those stitches in my roof fell out. I slept pretty well that night. Yesterday, I started work again. I worked a full day, and it made me pretty tired. After work, I hung out with Robert, Jacob, and Scott B. We went to TGI Friday’s, and I actually ate solid food. It was painful, but I was so hungry. After that we went bowling, where I bowled the worst game of my life. Maybe my balance is still off, I don’t know. Robert did worse than I did, but its because of his wrists. Scott B. just made me mad when he bowled. Scott had some weird hair style, but he’s still skinny. He may have even lost weight. Everyone keeps saying I look like Connell. I don’t know why they’d say that.
Right now, I’m at work, another full day. I was supposed to get a hair cut today, but work got too hectic. The next possible day I can get a hair cut is Thursday, but I won’t get one Thursday either. I’ll probably hang out with Caddy, and actually do something. Jacob, Scott, Kenny, and Karen are all gone off to their homes away from home. Caddy is leaving Sunday, so I want to see her before she leaves. A certain friend of mine said that my last entry said too much about Caddy. Why not? Caddy was my only friend that showed any interest, concern, or care that I had just gotten my mouth sliced open. So yeah, she deserves credit. Caddy needs to write something new in her livejournal, even thought that thing is pretty scary to read sometimes. It looks like Katie is home from Texas, but she’s been really sick lately. I hope she feels better.
Things are starting to start a routine again. No more December junk. I’m already at work again, and my classes start Thursday. Check my schedule.
I’m going to try to add another page or two to my Gallery. Something from Christmas or what not.