A new year dawns.

My goodness. I need to start waking up at a decent hour, because I am not seeing any of the morning. So, 2003 is over. Goodness. Another trash year ends. Well, I am actually a little more optimistic about 2004. Surprised? I don’t make resolutions. I don’t see the point. If I chose to change something about myself, I will do it any time. I suppose my only goal this year is to be happy; I need to make sure that the choices I make in my life are things that will make me happy, not someone else. Although, making others happy usually always makes me happy, I seem to go over the edge entirely too much. All I have to do now is find out what will make me happy. I am entering this year with a lot of things going for me, but I am also entering this year possessing nothing.
Did I mention that I hate being alone? I am really not used to it. I mean, I spent most of high school with someone with the title of “Daniel’s girlfriend”. Although, I rarely saw or spent time with any of them, I almost always had one. I mean, I’m used to being alone, I’m just really blah about it. I don’t have any goals concerning this; whatever happens happens. All my doors have closed, so there’s not much I can do about it. I probably am not ready anyway. As I wrote in my AIM profile, “If I could relive my senior year, things would be so different. I’d be a lot happier now, too.”
My surgery is tomorrow morning. This is going to be a drag. I’ll work Monday, if I feel well enough. You can check my schedule for all that junk.
I hope everyone gets what they’re looking for this year. Hope the same for me.