Ill… again

I suppose that either the Nativity scene or all the blood I swallowed made me sick. I got my teeth extracted yesterday. It doesn’t really hurt, except for where the anesthetics where shot. The shots in my mouth hurt a bit. I had ten shots in my mouth, but I still felt on of the bottom teeth. That’s not fun! I was numb for a long time. I couldn’t speak or open my mouth. I didn’t swallow for a long time, but eventually my mouth got too full. It was really nasty.
I woke up this morning snotty. I went to Karen’s to drop off that computer that I couldn’t fix. After that, I went with Brother to pick out a joypad for him. Then, about 6:00, I got a fever. I am miserable. I don’t feel well, and I can’t get all this out of my mind! I’m so sad. It’s just not fair. Emotions are of the devil!
Today is Kim’s birthday. She’s 18 now, and that is pretty scary. Well, I guess I’ve said all I’m going to say.
Christmas will not be merry. This stuff that’s on my mind is an irritant. I wish things in my life would go well at least once. I wish Mu had worked for me.