Dang it!

Well, I guess I let my guard down. I did get sick today. I went to work today at 7:30, and after a few hours, I felt a bad heart burn and back ache coming on. Well, I wanted to work for seven hours today, but I only made five and a half. Yep… I hit that commode really good. I drove home without any real trouble. I saw Kim on the way home. I looked in front of me and I saw a dark haired girl barely over the seat cushion. I thought to myself, “Oh yeah… that’s Kim, or a 12 year old is driving.” Haha. Poor Kim. Well, I feel really weak. I have a fever, but it is just about gone. I will be well enough to take my final tomorrow (not that I’d have a choice not to).
I guess I couldn’t stay happy enough to fight this. I have come down with dysentery. My body is in a lot of pain, my stomach hurts, and I have a fever. This took my sister and mother about two full days to get over, but I think I will be better by morning. My back has stopped aching, and I can hold down liquids. My fever is 100.5°F. I have my final at 10:00, so I can get more sleep.