Good news and bad.

It doesn’t look good for the home team (myself). Saturday night, my sister got sick. Sunday, my brother-in-law got sick, and I watched John. This morning, mother was throwing up. I have been exposed to this bug for a good while now, but I have not gotten sick yet. Perhaps I have some sort of immunity, but I know one thing: I cannot afford to get sick now. Finals are just about here, and I need to be well.
One of the best ways to fight a virus, besides washing hands, is to avoid depression. For the most part, I’ve maintained a good attitude for awhile. I could have been upset yesterday, but it didn’t affect me. This morning I was upset. Sort of a delayed reaction, I suppose. I’m trying really hard not to lose it, because I know that if I flip out, I’ll get sick really quick. Finals aren’t optional. If I miss one, I receive an Incomplete, which basically fails me. If I get sick, I have to suck it up and deal with it. Once again, as long as I keep my attitude well, I doubt I’ll get sick. I have a very strong immune system, as long as I’m not depressed. I’ll have to hold off expressing my emotions to a later date.
About that scholarship, I did receive that refund. I also got my books (all but one) yesterday, and I didn’t have to pay anything for them. More good news, I will spend all of my PJC scholarship. I knew that I would not spend all of it, but there is a work-around. I will spend all of my scholarship on my books first, then my tuition. Whatever is left swaps with Bright Futures, and then Bright Futures will send me a check sometime at the end of January or early February. I will save that money to help pay for my summer terms, which Bright Futures does not pay for. If I receive this scholarship again (and I probably will), I can use it to pay my summer tuition and a small portion of my books (maybe a half a book), then I can use this remaining money and books returns to pay for that term’s books. Things are looking up with respect to my money. I am returning this term’s books today, and I’ll put that money in my savings for later use.
It looks like I am going to have to repost a Rules page. Believe it or not, my Guestbook and IRC Chat do have rules, and I once enforced those rules more strictly than I do now. I must avoid allowing things to get out of hand on the interactive side of my site.
So, I went to the book store early this morning to sell my books. However, they told me that I’d have to wait a half hour before they would buy them. Lazy butts! They weren’t doing anything anyway. Rather than sitting there for a half hour to watch them finish their morning coffee, I came to work early. I will leave early and return to the book store after work. Afterward, I will pick up a computer for repair and I don’t know what I’ll be doing afterward. It looks like it will rain. I’m worried about that computer.
Looking back again, I am upset. I’m trying really hard to avoid it, but life’s tough. How terrible for me. Mu was a miserable failure. I wonder why it is that I’m disturbed today, but I was fine yesterday. I’m sure I’ll be fine though. I’ve taken much worse than this lately.