Break Boredom!? What the heck!

Man, what the heck is going on here? Where is everyone? I don’t have any of your phone numbers, because I threw them out when you all moved away. I haven’t changed my phone number, and it is even posted on my About me. Caddy! You punk! You’ve been home since Tuesday and you haven’t gotten a hold of me! I’m bored, so if we don’t do something while you’re here, I will be quite upset with you. Flamming? Where are you, Flamming!?
Well, hormones are out of control. No more shaving. Hair grows too fast for shaving. Just let it all grow out. Well, you know you’ve all made me mad now! Call me. XX4-6427 or XX4-4625 (Pace numbers)!
Disappointment is no good! Too much of it!!!! Reading LiveJournals is very interesting. I wonder how I am so blessed to never get involved in these conflicts? I have conflicts. I keep my conflicts personal. Its better that way. Guestbook is not a discussion forum. That’s why I have an IRC Chat Room. That is where we discuss. You wanna discuss, schedule an IRC Chat Topic. Don’t know how to do that? Email me to schedule a time.
I’m choppy today. I need to get out of this place! Caddy, Flamming, you die now!
Mu has failed!!! Only Caddy knows what Mu is. Mu has gotten me no where. Mu doesn’t work because I am not liked. How can I not be liked!? That makes me sad. Caddy, why didn’t Mu work?
Got paid to day. I hope. Direct deposit. No PAT. I get paid? Need more money. Need more financial aid. Racist government. Not the right color for aid. Quite lonely. Missing someone. Sentences short. I die. Done.