Well, I am sitting at work right now. Its a very slow day, but I will be getting of at 2:50. Well, I don’t feel all that well. I’ve been getting up earlier than usual since Thursday, but I haven’t been going to bed any sooner. I turned in my last at-home paper for English, and I will probably get another B+ on it. So, all my college friends are either home or will be home by the end of the day. I am hoping that I’ll be able to hang out with most of them at least once, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to.
I feel that I’ve made a certain friend of mine very uncomfortable. I don’t feel all too well about that. So, I think I should probably just back off for a while and leave my feelings aside, even though that’s not what I would like to do with them. No details are needed…
My schedule has changed a little bit. A girl that sits in front of me in Statistics says that the Biology teacher I was going to take is really bad, so I switched around my schedule just a little bit. This girl I’m talking about is really nice, and I hope that I meet with her again sometime. Although, I probably won’t. I’ll register for Spring classes on the 1st of next month. Actually, I am going to sign up online right when the site opens (2:00AM). Hopefully, this will help me avoid full classes. Then again, I hear that there is even a 2:00 rush… But there’s nothing I can do about that. Here’s that link again. Things are starting to slow down. Classes are all but over, and the dust of my life has just about settled. The remainder of this term will just be final exam preparation, and I think I’ll do fine on them. Other than being very lonely, I am doing pretty well. There’s a good chance I’ll have straight A’s, and I may be moved out by February (rough guess). Well, feel free to give me a buzz. I’d love to hear from you.