Account Scheduled to Close

Well, I’ve just about had it with my account. Way back in the old days when NBCi offered free unlimited webspace, they also offered, which was a good email service at the time. Back then, I just used email forwarding and had it forward to my account. When NBCi discontinued, fully took over. is pretty crappy service. There are just way too many free email services which offer free POP3, IMAP, and forwarding access to deal with a dinky service like When took over, I kept my account just as a back for when juno went down. Now that I primarily use dslextreme mail, juno has become my secondary. I no longer receive legitimate mail on It is all SPAM. Furthermore, I check my and accounts with Trillian and Outlook. is restricted to the website. I will be closing my account on Tuesdsay, November 25th. Any changes needed should be taken care of by then. Once again, is closing. Change anything in your contacts lists according. This also means that my MSN Messenger account will lose its backup, so update there as well.