Spring Term Decisions/Interesting Day

Well, I’ve basically decided what classes I plan on taking next term. One of the classes I wish to take has only one instance, which means I’m in a race to get it. I’ll be signing up as soon as possible. Coincidentally, I already know someone who is taking that class. Kim is planning on taking that class as well. Its not a bad thing, it was just unexpected. On to the actual topic… I expect this to be an easy schedule, but we’ll see how that goes. That schedule is posted here. This schedule will be much smoother than the one I am in now. I’ll have a bit more time in the afternoon, and that’s great.
Today was interesting at work. I had a luncheon that I went to. I ate with the President of PJC. I was a little nervous, as expected, but he’s a pretty down to earth guy. The nervousness passed quickly. The good thing about this job is that I get to know these people, which has its advantages. I know the campus and faculty better than most, and its still my first term. Understand the system makes things a lot easier. While I was running an errand, a car zoomed by and I heard a male voice screaming, “HEY MONKEY DUDE!” I turned around and saw a long-haired figure with arm out the window. It was Ozzy… I hadn’t seen him at class until now. I started laughing. It was very humorous.
Well, I finished Life of Pi. Although it wasn’t the best book I’ve read, it had its moments. I got one quote from it that I really like, but I don’t have a quote section here. Maybe I’ll make one later, but until then, I’ll write it here:
“It’s important in life to conclude things properly. Only then can you let go. Otherwise you are left with words you should have said but never did, and your heart is heavy with remorse.”
This is a neat little quote and very true. Honestly… this time… I’ve learned more about myself than I ever thought possible. Knowledge just doesn’t always come easily. Well, tomorrow is a new day. The sun comes, rather if I want it to or not. I really have little effect on the world around me.