Construction Update

I have completed the Picture Gallery. Not only can you access all the pages, but you can also click the thumbnail to get a expanded, clearer image and a brief description. I imported nearly all the old pictures from Daniel’s Web Land 2, and I added pictures from Prom, Graduation, etc. I haven’t gotten the chance to scan any pictures of my Nephew, and I probably won’t do that until I have completed construction. On my do to list, I have to create the My Schedule and Stuff! page, and I also have to format and import the old news from sites 2 and 3. Importing those will probably be very time consuming. I am also going to redo some of my other pages, such as the Friends and About Me pages. I do have a limit to my space, so I will need to find out what I will do about that. I may end up putting all my archives on a separate site. DSLExtreme gives me 10 websites with 25Mb each, but each one must be a separate site. I’ll think of a plan. Well, I’m updating from work, so I guess I’ll get back to work. I need to get a hold of some of my friends to fill them in on my life. I’ll get to that too, but not today. Bye.