Computer Officially Dies

Well, my fears have finally come. On Monday night, while communicating with Trillian, my devices on my computer stopped being detected, such as the CD Rom Drive and the processor. After trying to find out what was wrong yesterday, I decided that my mother board has died. Yesterday also, I ordered a new computer from Dell. I do not plan to ever purchase anything for eMachines again. Members of the Trillian Community had warned me that they didn’t use the best of parts in their system. Nevertheless, I have excluded certain essentials from my new computer. I will be using many of the same good parts from my old computer on my new computer, such as the Floppy drive and CD-RW drive, and I will also be using my old RAM and Hard drive in addition to the included components. I need to be brief, since I am updating from my calculator, but I will post some specs on my new computer.
Dell Dimension 2400 Intel® Celeron® Processor at 2.4GHz with 400MHz front side bus
RAM 128MB Shared DDR SDRAM at 333MHz
Monitor and Video Card M992 Monitor and Integrated Intel® 3D Extreme Graphics
Hard Drive 40GB Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM Hard Drive
CD-ROM Drive 48x CD-ROM Drive
In addition to this, I also have the components that I extracted from my old computer: 8x CD-RW, 256MB SDRAM, Floppy Drive, and a 30GB Hard Drive. I also ordered a Dell Axim X5 300MHz Handheld with my order. To my surprise, the shipment was sent this morning, so I can expect it Monday thru Wednesday.