WARNING! Account Abuse at nblserv@juno.com!

Recently my email account has become the victim of a mass email worm. DO NOT OPEN ANY EMAIL FROM ME OR ANYONE ELSE WITH THE ATTACHED FILE: thank_you.pif.
I noticed yesterday that I had gotten an email from the USMC.mil email server. It said that the email that I attempted to send was “Administratively Prohibited”. Since I did not send an email to the United States Marine Corps. I sent an email to Juno Abuse Center. Today, I received more email from various websites informing me that I had sent email that I did not ever send. One of the email attached the email that I supposedly sent, and it contained the file: thank_you.pif. I sent a sample to Juno Security, and then I investigated myself to figure out what this file was. I did not open it, in fears that I was a worm. With a little help for google, I discovered that my account is being used to send this worm. You can read more about it here. I repeat, DO NOT OPEN THE FILE: thank_you.pif. Keep your eyes open in case your account is also a victim and inform your ISP of your situation. I’ll keep this site current with the information.