Sunday, July 27, 2003

Well, the other day I was attempting to tweak Windows, and I ended up crashing everything. I couldn’t even get into safe mode! Well, I lost everything. I lost my email, my Trillian logs, and my copy of the website. It took 13 hours or downloading, but I got all my lost software back. Thanks to a recent copy of Trillian Anywhere, I did not lose my contact list or most of my plugins. Thank you Denny! With the help of ReGet Deluxe, I was able to get my website back in a timely fashion. First off, Chat changes… Read about it here, if you didn’t already get the memo. Basically, to sum it up, you won’t be able to access my IRC channel via Trillian or whatever IRC client you use, only through the website. AND THAT STARTS AUGUST 1ST!!!! I’m thinking about changing servers, so stay tuned. Second… my church’s youth group and young adult class are going to play Capture the Flags as a church outing. It won’t be the same as with my school friends, but we’ll see how it goes. We will be playing that on August 1st… Woah, everything is happening on August 1st. Still waiting on the release of the new beta version of Trillian Pro. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer. Umm… emotionally? More of the same. I’m doing really badly. Those of you so blessed to be close to me know why. I hope it will pass and things will get better, but you never know. Don’t worry about me though. Not worth the trouble. Talk you all later. Bye.