Saturday, July 5, 2003

I changed my phone number… I guess the best way to explain is to tell you what it was and what it is now.
My house has two phone lines: XXX-4625 and XXX-6427. We also have two computers that use dial-up, mine and my dad’s. Three people live in this house: Mom, Dad, and I. XXX-4625 has always been the primary telephone, and XXX-6427 has always been my computer’s line. Since my dad got a computer, he put it on XXX-4625, so it has been difficult sometimes since both phones have modems on them. You have been able to call my while I was online, but I am not suppose to block both lines at the same time. My mom and I use the phone, but my dad rarely does. I’ve used the computer on XXX-6427 and talked on the phone using XXX-4625.
Obviously, this is not the best way to go about this. So, here’s what is going on now. XXX-6427 is now “for all practical purposes” my phone. I use XXX-6427 for my computer, and for talking. XXX-4625 is now for dad’s computer and mom’s talking. If I am online, you’ll have to get online and tell me to get offline or just talk to me using one of my five IM mediums. XXX-6427 does NOT have call waiting, as XXX-4625 does, so if I’m on the phone, you’re going to get a busy signal (which I prefer, I hate call waiting). If I’m on the phone, send an email to tell me to call you back. If I’m not online or on the phone and I don’t answer, an answering machine will take your message just as it would on XXX-4625.
Short and sweet:
Do not call my on XXX-4625 anymore. My number is XXX-6427.