Friday, June 13, 2003

I don’t know if you can really consider this an update or not. I’ve been trying to update all my profiles lately. While doing this, I have deleted one on my Backup MSN Contact Names. Reason being that I do not want to keep up three MSN names, and I only really need one backup. Please check my Backup list on the About Me page to get all my names. Please adjust your MSN contact lists or Trillian contact lists as necessary. Betty insisted that I put “Long-term Relationship” on my profiles. I don’t really agree with that, because the answer has nothing to do with the question. The question is concerning my “Marital Status”. I have no “Marital Status” as I am not and have never been married. Also, as you all may know, I do not like to discuss my personal life, and I consider my relationship realm to be pretty deep into my personal life. I’ve always just left that blank, but she insisted that I change that. Who knows why.