Thursday, June 5, 2003

Summer is upon me. Oh joy. Well, my days seem to be pretty constant. Every day I wake at 6:15, and then I walk and run for two miles or more. That usually takes me 25 minutes but sometimes less. Give me a break, running is very difficult for me. If any of you have noticed the way I walk, you’d notice that I do not roll my feet at all. I am a complete plop-foot. I have no idea why. Oh, and if you’re wonder, I did roll my feet whenever I marched, but it was extremely uncomfortable and unnatural to me. Well anyway, running hurts a lot because my whole body takes the shock of plop-foot. So, after I talk my stroll, I just go take a shower and that’s about it. So far, I really haven’t been keeping in touch with anyone other than Betty. I don’t know why I’m such a recluse, but I’ve always been that way. I only contact people with the computer (again: Betty’s an exception), so if you’re never on then I’ll not hear from you. Monday, Betty finally turned 17. Gosh she’s so young. Well, look who’s talking. I’ll turn 18 next month. Being out of high school at 17 is so dumb, especially all this mail I’m getting that assumes I’m already 18. Well, most of my Summer is undisclosed (what were you expecting). Hey, here’s the deal. You know you losers that like all those dumb surveys? Well, do this. Send your surveys here, when I get around to doing them, I’ll post the survey on this website. That way, I’ll only have to do the survey once, and everyone can see. Plus, I suppose it can be a good “profile” of me for my website. So, let’s get this over with and send in your surveys (Heather: I’m pointing at you). I’ll post any further events as they come to me. If anybody wants me to do something with them, contact me.