Sunday, May 25, 2003

Well, I have been graduated. I guess I can summarize what happened at graduation and the party. Well, graduation itself was pretty dumb. The Salutatorian basically said that half of us would be dead before our first ten-year reunion. Either that or just not show up. Yeah whatever, I wasn’t expecting her speech to be any good anyway. I don’t think anyone was. People in the stands started running into the field before the Alma Mater even finish. Stupid idiots. After Alma Mater finished, Robert and I charged Jeremy B. in the drum section. Soon after that, Betty found me. I got my picture taken with Finley, but nothing else really happened. I went home and held Baby John for a little while. People started arriving for the party. My team won with 2 of our flags still not found by the other team. The next day, I found the remaining flags. They were not hidden that well. I think that the other team just wasn’t looking as hard as we were. Anyway, a few guns and articles of clothing were left behind, if you’re missing them. Please come get them. Jeremy H., Heather S., Jenai N., Kenneth H., Jeff B., Ryan L., Willie R., and Nick B. spent the night. They didn’t all leave until 1:40, which is the reason I couldn’t go to church the next day. The party list is still here.