Saturday, April 19, 2003

I haven’t written anything on the home page in awhile, so I guess that I’ll sum up yesterday. I went to Robert’s 18th birthday party, if you didn’t know. Well, I drove over to Robert’s house, and I rode with Karen and Jenai; Karen was driving. I didn’t say much on the way up. I think I had my mind on other things. Once we got to the beach house, we ate and then had a session of “So what do you wanna do?” We finally decided to go to the beach. There were orange flag conditions, so we didn’t really go out. Clay got the most wet, and I did a little. I guess I need to say who there: Robert, Jacob, Clay, Mike T., Scott R., Karen, Jenai, Ashley, Jenny, Meagan, Bethany, and Regina. Back to the beach, we were climbing on some rocks in the water, which wasn’t really a good idea. I slipped and cut myself up really bad. My left fingers and palm, left leg, and both feet were cut up and bleeding. The deepest cut was on my left thumb. To stop the bleeding, I took my shirt off and tied it tightly around my wrist. That worked, but I ended up getting really burned. I only put sunscreen where my shirt didn’t cover, so I kinda have an inverted farmer’s tan (except it is a burn). I noticed that my toes were cut up when I saw the trail of blood I was leaving. Jacob and I walked back to get my shoes. When we got back everyone was play where there was a tall “cliff” of sand. The girls wrote “Happy Birthday Robert” on the wall of it. After chasing Clay for awhile, I had to sit because my foot was getting pretty sore. We went back to the room for a while to decide what to do. We ended up playing laser tag for a while. I was on the green team with Robert (captain), Regina, Jacob, and Jenai, and Ashley. Robert and I scored the most points, and our team won. I just ran around shooting people. I never got shot and my score was 1100. I shot 4 people 10 times, and I also shot the enemy base once. Anytime a Red got too close I fell on the ground and shot them. Then I found Robert, standing near the enemy base shooting at it and fighting off the opposition. I defended him while he shot the base. I shot it once, but couldn’t get it to work well. Robert scored somewhere in the 2000s, I scored 1100, and Regina scored in the 800s. We went back and ate cake. Well, nothing special happened riding home, but when we got back to Robert’s house, I talked to him about prom. That was all of this story. I got to my house, and my sock had a lot of blood in it. I and my mom bandaged myself up and got aloe vera. My redness has cleared up a bit, but my deep spot on my thumb still bleeds off and on.
I change other pages too. Don’t think just because I don’t post here that I don’t update elsewhere.