Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Hi again folks. Updating to let you know that my forms page is going very slow. I have made the page, of course, with no trouble; however, I do not have anyway to send myself the information from it. I need to find an Open Relay Server, but they are not easy to find. FreeWebs has a method for sending forms, but you are required to pay for it. If I wanted to pay for something, I would just pay for my own server space. I am beginning to see the obvious disadvantages of not paying for web space. No fear, the web site will continue to develop as planned. This is just a little memo to those of you that sign my guestbook. Please be aware that my guestbook is moderated. Be careful what you say on it, or you will be either Blocked, Deleted, or Edited depending on the need. Also, my guestbook is not a messaging service. Do not treat it as if it were. Please send any site suggestions you may have to me. Obviously, I will soon need to decide what I will do about all these Home entries.