Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Hello everybody! I am updating off of my calculator again. I’m slowly working on creating a submission form, and you’ll be able to use it to send Links, News, or just a short message. As said before, I’m only doing this website with simple text editors (Notepad on PC and QWERTY Text Editor 1.0 on TI-83 Plus), so everything is going a little slower than my previous websites. I’m trying to stay in practice in my HTML skills since I’m not in a computer class. I’ll work on ideas as they come to me. I am somewhat disadvantaged because I do not have CGI support. If you have any ideas for me, please email me. My chat room at has been having trouble with hackers lately, but the channel did come up last night. Heather, Ryan, Nick, and I were among the first to get back on the server. Come join me sometime! If you are on Trillian Pro, you can set Trillian to log onto my IRC channel on start up. Trillian 0.74 users can also create a connection, but can’t go at start up. Everyone else can either connect using some other 3rd party client or go the easy way and use this web site by clicking on Chat. Be sure to come see us!