Man, I bet some of you are mad that I haven’t updated in over a month. Well, I’ve been really busy. With all this band, web design, and other stuff, I’ve had little free time. I have a little time now, so I’ll update as much as I can. I’ll start off with software updates: Trillian has released many new things. Trillian 0.74 has been released, and it is now the free version. Trillian Pro 1.0 has also been released, and it is $25.00 for one copy, which includes a full year of updates. Trillian Pro 1.0 has many plug-ins to help you customize Trillian. I have discontinued WeatherBug, because Trillian Pro 1.0 has a plug-in which provides instant weather updates within Trillian. ReGet has released many new versions also. The latest beta version is ReGet 3.2 beta (build 153), and the latest official version is ReGet Deluxe 3.1 (build 143). The ICQ and Trillian status icons are now functioning, so they are now accurate. Now, on to other stuff. In web design, I am currently in charge of the Band and Broadcast pages, and I also work a lot in the Football and Cross Country pages. Personal stuff, homecoming is in a week, and I think I’m going, but I’m honestly not sure at this point. I won’t post any other information about that here. Not sure if I said this before, but my sister is pregnant and it shows, both in her figure and attitude (just kidding). My brother-in-law is now my new youth director at church, which is interesting to say the least. My current mood is iffy. A few days ago, I was on top of the world. Better than I’ve felt in a long time, but it seems like that has past. All my classes are going well. I have A’s in Web Design, Band, and Spanish. I have a B in Physics 1 Honors. I’ve been trying to grow a mustache for about two and a half weeks, but I think I might cut it off, depending on if I go to homecoming or not. I get very little sleep at night, and I’m very stressed out over the work load that Web Design and Band are putting on me at once, but I’m making it. That’s all I have to say right now. I’ll update the Band page now.