Please Protect Your Computer!

I’m sure that you’ve all heard that there is a virus affecting many computers. I am also sure that many of you think that you do not need to take any precaution. Well, I’ll try to sum up what’s happening in easy words. The following Operating Systems are in danger:
Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP (Any Edition)
Microsoft Windows ServerT 2003
Most of the viewers of this website will only concern themselves with Windows XP. If you use Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows ME, you are not in danger. From the beginning, there was a patch available at the Windows Updater months ago that WOULD HAVE PREVENTED these troubles. However, many typical users do not even know of the existence of Windows Updater. Others, just do not want to spend the hours on dialup to download these updates. In case you did not know, I upgraded from Windows ME to Windows XP Professional Edition two nights ago, and I SPENT THE TIME to download ALL the patches and updates. It was 58.6MB and about 6 and a half hours to download. I downloaded them over night while I was sleeping. DO THE WORK; ITS WORTH IT! Patch your computer. Estimates say that 50% of computers with these Operating Systems will be infected, if they do not download the patch. Furthermore, I know someone who has already been infected. If you think you’ve been infected, you must detect and remove the worm. Lavasoft Ad-aware, this spyware detector/removal software has included the ability to detect and remove this worm (very kindly). Let me know if you need help.
Technical Support – Contact me
Virus name: Win32.blaster (“MSBlaster” or “LoveSAN”)
Windows Patch name: Security Bulletin MS03-026
More Information – From Microsoft
Lavasoft Ad-aware – This software is NOT antivirus software, but is enabled to detect this worm (at least temporarily).