Returnings and such.

With the help of Pneumatic, I have returned to the Trillian Forums. I have been gone since June, but now I am back. Trillian is to release their first official version 1, soon. Anyway, school starts up Tuesday. My first semester doesn’t look too hard. I have Web Design 2, then Band, then Physics 1 Honors, then Spanish 1. The second semester will probably be a little more difficult. I have Advanced Placement English, Band, Spanish 2, and American Government/Economics. Okay, see ya then. I haven’t updated in a while, but the Band section has had a few updates. Completely off topic, ReGet has released another beta version. Build 135 has been released. They are also releasing a lot of beta plug-ins. Check them out if you are interested. [Visit Trillian Visit Trillian Forums Visit PHS Visit ReGet Beta]