Multiple Announcements

Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be 17 years old. “Woot!” as Chaffin would say. I’m not the kind of person that gets excited of getting older. I don’t see what difference another 365 days makes. I’ll probably think differently when I’m older though, if I get much older. Monday, I will be leaving for Troy State, due to Band camp. I will be back late Friday, but I will be very tired. I may have limited email access. Email me on my other email address. You could email me on, if it were working. Yes, mail is still down there. ReGet released a new beta version of ReGet Junior. There hasn’t been a new version of ReGet Junior in over a year. I use ReGet Deluxe, so I am not so interested. AOL has released AIM beta version 5.0. Unfortunately, they didn’t really add that much. They added “AIM Expressions”, which is an idea they stole from Yahoo! Messenger. Typing notifications, which already exists in direct connect, is not a new thing for most messengers. The control panels aren’t that bad, but still nothing in comparison to Trillian. Trillian will release Next Gen very soon, and it will be ten times better than AOL! Ditch AIM! Get Trillian now ! [Visit ReGet Beta Visit Trillian Visit AIM Beta]