Annoying Little Bugs!

This is the third time I’ve typed this, so if FrontPage crash I’m going to rip the power cord out of its socket (I’ve done that before ). Okay, from the beginning again. Due to an error at, which I have reported several times already, is currently down. I’m very irritated about that. Email has been down for weeks now. To sum it up, DO NOT SEND ME ANY EMAIL OR SUBMISSIONS! If you need to tell me something, do it through my other email address. If you do not know the other email address, then contact me through an Instant Messenger. Due to the error, I have changed the Email Icon to gray. When it is gray, that means either there is a bug in email, or that I am not around to check email. The Trillian community has switch my email address, but because mail is down, I can not retrieve big_malletman. Thanks anyway, Trillian. Alright, last thing. The ICQ/Trillian Online Icons are currently unreliable. Because of an error at ICQ, no one is currently “web aware”. Online Status Icons use ICQ to locate Trillian users, so that icon is down also. This is an error at ICQ, not Online Status Indicator. Until ICQ repairs the error, those icons will be unavailable. *Saving Changes * Oh, one more thing. I am aware that About me is giving 404 errors. Don’t worry about that. [Visit Visit Trillian Visit ICQ Visit Online Status Indicator]