Problem Remedied… For the Most Part

As stated by Chaffin in the previous entry, I have switched servers. This should alleviate most of the problems I’ve been having. In addition to that, my Online Status Icons have also switched to this server. I no longer have third party Online Status. This should make them more reliable. MSN, however, has not yet been activated by Chaffin. The zDOS subdomain will no longer take you to this website. You are to use the address: The shared borders were not functioning properly on the Band pages. I attempted to fix the problem over here many times, however I do not believe it is a problem over here. I think it is a server extensions problem, but Chaffin seems to disagree. Rather than argue, I have just removed all the shared borders. Well, I don’t like that, but whatever. It doesn’t make that much of a difference. I will be leaving for a Band event soon.