Trillian User, big_malletman locked out of Forums… Forever?

I have recently come to realize that an unfortunate chain of coincidences has led me to be, basically, kicked out of the Trillian Community. As you have already been informed, has expired unexpectedly; and therefore, my email address has also been lost. (If you didn’t already know that, update your address books now ) Well apparently, at the same time, Cerulean Studios was doing maintenance on their message board. When the message board came back online, all of the passwords were cleared. The new temporary passwords were emailed upon request to the email address in their databases. Since is in their databases, I cannot find out my password to log in. I have emailed the webmaster for help twice already, but I have not received help. I am starting to assume that I will not ever be allowed on the user name, big_malletman again. [Visit Cerulean Studios Visit the Trillian Community]