Lots of Random News!

InoculateIT Personal Edition has completely ended as of yesterday. The free antivirus program that claimed to be free to its users “for as long as it is on your computer” did not meet their claim. Computer Associates recommends IPE users to switch to their eTrust EZ Antivirus software which has an annual fee of $9.95 and a start fee of $19.95. Not bad I suppose. Continuing on, Detached Solutions, the popular TI app programs has lost their web site! I noticed that their site had been down for awhile, but it did come up today. Apparently, their web domain expired. No problem usually, but some stupid company in Hong Kong has stolen their domain and registered it first. They have no registered a new domain yet, their link will be posted on radicalsoft.org when it is available. Other news, the Trillian beta project as hit a bump in the road and the RC (Release Candidate) has been delayed. It is predicted that the next official version will be released sometime at the end of this month. All of this information was taken off of the Trillian forum. Lastly, Yahoo! has some new pretty sick marketing tactics according to the Trillian forum. Click here if you are effected. [Look at the IPE error message Visit IPE Visit CA Visit Detached Solutions Visit Trillian]