Junior Year Completed!/ReGet Deluxe 3.0 Released

Today was the last final exam day of the year. I have now completed my 11th grade year, and I am now a Senior. My final report card will be mailed to me over the summer, and I will post those results then. Summer vacation is now here. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing, but I know that I will be writing the pit percussion parts to our concert number. I guess since I have nothing else to write, I’ll tell you what classes I’m signed up for next year. I am signed up to take Spanish I (1 credit), Spanish II (1 credit), Advanced Placement English (1 weighted credit), Band (2 credits), Physics I Honors (1 weighted credit), Economics (0.5 credit), American Government (0.5 credit), and Web Design II (1 credit). I am not sure if next year will be difficult or easy, but it will probably be interesting. I’ll will miss everyone over the summer. See you all at band practice! In other news, ReGet Deluxe 3.0 has been released, however the new product keys have not been released yet. The price for ReGet has increased by $9.95, so now the price total is $29.95. [Visit ReGet Deluxe]