GCGC Championships from 04/06/02

I did end up going with MHS as I said, and I was part of their floor crew. It was a little awkward being a Pace guy and all, but it was okay. Surprisingly, no one seemed to care that I was from Pace. I did take a few pictures, but I was really too busy to take pictures. The ones that I did take didn’t really turn out that great, so I did not add them to the Photo Album. I became very sore in my back and shins, and I got a bad headache. I have no idea why. I got back at MHS at midnight (not including daylight savings time), and I got to Jay at about 1:00 (still not including daylight savings time). I was pretty exhausted at church today, and still a little sore. I seriously don’t know what I did to be so sore, but I’ll live. Oh, by the way, we had fifth Sunday at church today, that’s why I’m home early. Fifth Sunday on the first Sunday of the week? We’re independent, we can do that . Milton drumline got third place in championships. Some of them seemed a little upset about that. I saw Robert K.’s brother, Keith; and I saw John Dunlap, my drum instructor. Both of them seemed a little confused as to why I was in Milton’s floor crew. Personally, I was a little confused by the same thing. For the most part, it was fun. I will admit that I was a little bit nervous . [Visit GCGC Shortcut to GCGC Scores]