Daniel’s Web Land 3.1/GCGC Update

I have changed the scheme of my web site to a greenish tone, and I have changed the way it is organized. I have changed the version number of this site from v.3 to v.3.1. The main changes are in the Navigation from and the Help page. I have also renamed some things to make their titles make more sense. I did make a mistake, and I accidentally cleared the hit counter. It was restarted today. I recently learned that Flomation colorguard is not attending the Tate show as I had thought. As scary as it is, I will be attending it as a member of the Milton floor crew. Ahh! A Pace drumline member being a member of a Milton floor crew. I now realize that tomorrow may be my final day on this world. I just wanted all my friends out there to know that I love you all, and good bye to all of you if I never get to say it again . So I have a weakness, I can’t tell Betty no . (Betty, if you read this, I am just kidding. Seriously !)