Thu, 28 Feb 2002

Yesterday, ReGet Software released ReGet Deluxe 2.2 Beta (built 112). It has fixed a few bugs in the FTP Explorer, updated the MP3/File searcher, and has added an XP Theme. I don’t really see why ReGet Software is developing ReGet Deluxe 2.2, as ReGet Deluxe 3.0 is suppose to be released in the near future. Yesterday, I also ghosted the hard disk of my computer, so I’ve spent most of my computer time resetting that up. Sorry I couldn’t post this update yesterday. Chaffin is setting up another web server from his own house, so pretty soon I may have tons of free web space. If that does happen, I do not see the point in taking the BlackStar tracks off, although they will so be moved to the Older News Archive. March 14th is the estimated date. Once the post is in the Archive, there is no guarantee that the MP3s will be on the server. [Visit ReGet Software Beta Support Page]