Tue, 19 Feb 2002

During third block today at school, I suddenly struck me. I knew what was wrong with my hit counter, so I fixed it at school today around noon. Anyway, the hit counter should be working all the time now. If you ever see it on one again, please send an error report via Send E-mail or Personal Message. Thanks. As for me, I’m just counting up my community service hours for band leadership. I know I have plenty. It’s just that I haven’t had people sign off for them yet. In other news, Trillian still can not connect to AOL. Actually, it can; but AOL disconnects Trillian users, on average, every three minutes. Until Cerulean Studios can fix the problem, I will continue to use AIM 4.8 or AIMExpress to connect to AOL, and Trillian to connect to the other three mediums (MSN, ICQ, Yahoo!). The Message Board is completely down. I have no idea why. I noticed that it wasn’t working when someone joined the Message Board and they were not counted. I may or may not work on a solution to that problem. Well, that’s about it. Later. [Visit AIM Visit Trillian]